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Accident at Entrance to 175/195 Harbor

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

On Friday afternoon between 3 and 4 PM a taxi was reportedly attempting to do a U-turn and crashed into a brick wall at the top of the exit ramp for . The driver apparently suffered a gash on his head but there were no other injuries. A large number of bricks fell down into the street below which is often used by both pedestrians heading out to the lakefront and also cars heading to the entrance of the .

If you have more information write to us or post below.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Building Plans Expansion

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

An interesting but not well-known fact about the 32 story BCBS building (completed in 1997) is that it was originally designed to accomodate future vertical growth of 24 more stories. This is apparent from the large atrium and open space in the middle of the building, elevators to serve the new upper floors will go here.

Now Health Care Service Corp. (HCSC), parent of BCBS of Illinois plans to approach the city about getting approval to go ahead with the addition which may be complete by 2010. By that time 340 on the Park, Treasure Island, Lakeshore East Aqua and The Tides building across the park will all be finished.

More information at

BCBS Tower building information on

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“Fordham Spire” Project Changes Hands

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

An Irish developer bought the land at 400 N. Lake Shore Drive for a reported $64-$65 million dollars where Christopher Carley’s Fordham Company has been planning the Fordham Spire. Over 90 sales contracts had already been signed for the Spire, but the Fordham Co. had yet to secure financing and purchase the land.

The new owner of the land, Garrett Kelleher, executive chairman of Shelbourne Development Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland may continue with the original plans with the Fordham Company or Christopher Carley acting as local manager of the project although this has yet to be negotiated. Kelleher presently is imply referring the project as “400 N. Lake Shore Drive”. Shelbourne Development has purchased the land but not the architectural plans for the Fordham Spire.

The original plan for Fordham Spire was drawn up by famed architect Santiago Calatrava. The height of the building at 124 stories drew ridicule by some other developers including Donald Trump who is reported to have said the Fordham Spire is “not a building anyone in his right mind would build” due to the economics of building such a tall structure. “It’s going to cost a lot more to build than the condos you can sell.”

More news at

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Parkhomes Sales Start

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006


“A trio of design plans with private, attached parking ranges in size from 2,921 to 3,956 square feet of elegant living space, ranging in price from approximately $1.7 million to $2.5 million

One grouping includes 10 three-story homes with rooftop terraces that contain from 3,565 to 3,956 square feet of living area. Optional private elevators are available.

A second design format consists of 12 three-story plans with balconies and terraces combined in a seven-story building, ranging in size from 3,355 to 3,909 square feet.

Rounding out the design portfolio is a pair of luxurious single-level penthouses featuring private terraces atop the seven-story building. They provide 2,921 or 2,923 square feet of living area with views of Lake Michigan and the award-winning park at the nucleus of Lakeshore East.”

Read the full press release.

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Last Year for Lakeshore East Farmer’s Market

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

The started last weekend July 16th and this was the second weekend (open 8-11am Sundays).

In both weeks Madsen Farm of St. Anne, IL (near Kankakee) was the only vendor to show up and set up a table and tent. They offered bi-color sweet corn, cucumbers, pickles, brocolli, potato, green beans, squash, patty pan squash, onions, and beets.

According to Emm Lizzard of Madsen Farms, the city has told them that this will be the last year for the Lakeshore East Farmer’s Market as Treasure Island may open at the base of 340 on the Park as early as Fall ’07 (see related story).

There have been some suggestions that the Daley Bicentenniel Plaza would be a good place to start a Farmer’s Market next year.

The current LSE Farmer’s Market is schedule to run for another five weeks and Madsen Farms is looking week to week to decide whether to return each week. If they do come back next week they are hoping to offer tomatoes and cantaloupe in addition to the other vegetables.

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Free Hots Dogs at Daley Bicentenniel Plaza

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Thousands of free hot dogs were given away in front of Daley Bicentenniel Plaza today by . This is part of the Great Hot Dog Taste Challenge. A contest was held to see who could prepare the best tasting hot dog using whatever condiments or ordornments people desired. Some people came quite prepared and put on a real display in serving the hot dogs.

Let us know if you know of any local events coming up that you would like for us to report. Send to

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340 on the Park

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

340 on the Park has taken it’s lumps these past couple days. On Tues around 11 am there was a broken window between the Buckingham and 340 and contruction was directing pedestrians away from the buildings.

Then last night a van traveling south on North Park Dr. (the short street that is on west end of the loop around LSE park) hopped the curb and drove down to the construction area at the base of the 340 building. I don’t have any more details.

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Alternatives Sought for Proposed Heliport Site

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Noise concerns spur city to seek new heliport site

“The pad is on a concrete platform in Lake Michigan known as South Pier. Flight plans would require helicopter pilots to approach and depart the pad over the water, away from populated areas. But in a concession to neighbors who complained to Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd), the pad would now be used strictly by first-responders in emergencies.”

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Navy Pier Fireworks 2006

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Here is a schedule for Navy Pier Fireworks in 2006, it’s always 10:15 pm on Saturday and 9:30 pm on Wednesdays –

through the end of August and a couple days in Sept., 2nd and 3rd.

A popular local gathering place for watching the fireworks is along Upper North Harbor Dr. in front of the Lancaster, but watch for traffic.

In other local news today I see the just started about 20 minutes ago, I have read it is from 8 am to 11 am for about 7 weeks i.e. through the end of August. I just see one truck and a few people, it is between the LSE park and the Lakeshore Grill on the walkway.

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Star Power Triggers Rapid Sales Pace

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Star Power Triggers Rapid Sales Pace At Lakeshore East’s New Aqua Tower

In astronomy, a star is defined as a celestial body usually visible as a small, bright point of light in the night sky.

In residential architecture, a star is a designer with imagination and a magnetic force that energizes a market and helps produce a tidal wave of sales. Such is the case with architect Jeanne Gang, principal of Studio/Gang/Architects, whose sensuous, “organic” design of the 82-story Aqua at the new Lakeshore East neighborhood has helped generate spectacular sales.

Continue to read full from Lakeshore East.

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Lakeshore East Farmer’s Market

Monday, July 10th, 2006

The Farmer’s Market will be opening this Sunday!

It will be at the intersection of N. Park Drive and E. Benton Place (see ) roughly between the LSE park and the Grill.

It will run from 7/16 to 8/27.

220 North Park Drive or 220 N. Columbus Drive
Enter off E. Randolph to Field Dr. to N. Park Drive or take elevator at 220 N. Columbus Dr. to lower level

See last years press release about the .

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New Eastside News

Monday, July 10th, 2006

The first issue of the “New Eastside News”, a 1-sheet flyer has been published.

See 2MB or
1MB to download.

If you are a business or resident of a building and would like a stack of the flyers to help distribute let me know and I will drop you off however many copies you want. Send a note to with your name, phone, # of copies, and a time and place to drop off.

See the for links to the topics listed on the top right column of the newsletter.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Your Name e-mail accounts

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Free e-mail accounts are now ready! They e-mail service is hosted by Google and it is essentially like Gmail but with the domain name / last part. For instance, you can have the e-mail address – how cool is that?

Just drop me a note at and let me know what name you like to have and I will set this up for you.

There are only 24 accounts available on a first come first serve basis!

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Neighborhood Activists Battle Children’s Museum Plan

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Petitions distributed by network of volunteers yields thousands of signatures from area residents

The Chicago Children’s Museum (CCM) is considering a move from Navy Pier to Grant Park to accomodate expansion of the museum. The CCM drafted plans and studied the Daley Field House and the Daley Bicentennial Plaza location as the potential location for the new museum. As the plans were unveiled in Oct. 2005 and began to be discussed at community meetings, a strong opposition began to be formed by many New Eastside residents and users of the current facilities.

The Friends of Daley Bi (originally 4Kids) group was formed in Spring to help organize the opposition. Although the plan promises to replace the field house and skating rink for local use, the CCM would bring hundreds of thousands of additional visitors each year into the neighborhood which has already experienced a tremendous increase in both vehicular and pedestrian traffic with the ongoing Lakeshore East development and recent completion of Millenium Park including the Pritzker Pavilion and the Frank Gehry-designed BP Bridge which leads into the Daley Bicentennial Plaza.

The group helped to organize a neighborhood meeting with Alderman Natarus on May 10th to discuss the move. Flyers were passed out and delivered throughout the neighborhood and hundreds turned out for the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting the Alderman promised to oppose to the plan. In recent weeks, the Alderman has appeared in interviews on both WBBM and Fox TV voicing the neighborhood’s opposition to the plan.

Petition Presented to Mayor Daley

The group’s next step was a petition drive to present to Mayor Daley. The drive netted almost 2,100 signatures by late June and was delivered to Natarus who said he would see that the Mayor would get them.

The CCM issue was originally on the agenda for the Chicago Plan Commission Meeting on Thursday, June 15. However, Natarus talked with Peter England, CEO of CCM, on June 6th and expressed that he would not like to see the CCM move to East Randolph. During the conversation, England mentioned that the CCM is also now considering a location just to the south along Monroe St. between Columbus Lake Shore Dr. This is the site of “The Green”, a mini-golf and restaurant open during summer months. England now plans to meet with Natarus to show new plans when they are ready and the issue will be brought before the Plan Commission at a later meeting. Opposition may come from boaters using Monroe Harbor who park close to LSD in the garage and might not be happy to lose those spaces to a museum.

Meta Brown, a local resident for over 20 years, started a blog entitled “Save Daley Bicentennial” ( ). She estimates that the proposed 100,000 sq. ft. underground structure is equivalent to three full floors of a large high-rise building. The architect’s plan to use as much natural lighting as possible in an underground structure could involve a significant above ground structure in either of the proposed locations.

The CCM hopes to open at a location by 2009 and keep the construction period brief to minimize disruption. Additional meetings are to be held with community groups and the Grant Park Advisory Council.cialis online deutschland buy cialis toronto cialis generic australia how can i buy cialis online
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