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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

People like to use mobile phone to substitute for other electronic devices, such as send text messages, check information on line, however, when I use my husband cell phone to get on line, since the web site is designed for computer only, it is not really to read stuff, so we are really looking for a software that can help to solve this problem. Then we found a software that could solve this problem – , the software is easy to use, after you install it, you could be able to go to every web sites to check information with a full screen access, which is really readable and easy. We are so lucky to find this . There are literally thousands of different mobile phones; each with their own way of working and with their own way of displaying mobile websites.

GoLive! Mobile is an industry leader focusing solely on the mobile space, and our high quality WAP site hosting and design services reflect our experience and innovation. WAP proxy servers determine the device capabilities and deliver content appropriately. In the case of mobile website pages we serve XHTML MP, XHTML, or WML depending on the device.

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MY FRIEND LIU ( 2 ) with my comments

Monday, October 29th, 2007

This is the continued story from my Dad:

“At the beginning, the letters that we sent together were frequent but became gradually scarce after some time: each of us occupied ourselves with work. But one day, he appeared suddenly in front of the door of my bureau, with him there was a slender girl, his fiancé without any doubt. They stayed with me only one hour and returned afterwards to Tianjin.
Some days later, I received a letter from him, in which he told me he would like to introduce a girl to me, who was a professional singer, was working for the army in his city. I refused; thinking any one who didn’t live in Beijing was unacceptable for me. He was very disappointed and wrote me a letter to express his feeling; I shook my head in a smile: I didn’t care about.”

That is good that my Dad did not do anything, otherwise, he will never get to meet my mom, which was his soul mate for years, (she passed away 6 years away). So my Dad make a great decision at time, this is the first time I heard this story from him.
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Online Business

Monday, October 29th, 2007

After having two kids, I have to join the work at home team as it is so convenient and saves lots of travel time, dress up and get ready time. But the bad side is that I feel a little bit isolated to the world, we do take lots of vacations to get that part fixed. In this way I could stay with my kids more, not just send them to day care and never see them again until night. I use to call China which is very cheap and no taxes and other related charges, plus it is very easy to use. I had a friend told me about this business, try to sell phone card on line, this is a good and stable business. After you get everything set up, you do not need to do anything more than to collect your commission. Go and try it out! This type of engineering is for you if you’re interested in designing and building things


Monday, October 29th, 2007

My Dad wrote the following story:

“I got up early today to go to the station of Shanghai , in order to welcome my friend Liu, who travels to the major cities of China to participate in a forum about a historic event in a small village at the edge of the Lake Tai . Being a specialist of science in a major library, he was my classmate in the high school and very brilliant in his studies. Although he is a one-eyed person, he managed to get accepted with me in the University of Peking, he was major in the science of library and I was major in French.
After five years, when we were graduated from the university, he joined the Library of Tianjin as a librarian assistant, and I stayed in Beijing, accepted by a state owned translation bureau.”

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Promote Park West Gallery

Monday, October 29th, 2007

has the largest selection of fine art. They are not only sell fine art, also they would provide a service to help you to clean your collections, if you give them an idea, they could give you lots of recommendations, which are very professional and meaningful. Especially to people who is in this business in a long time. These days, people can flip the art collection and make some thousands dollars easily. They would be able to help you to identify this kind of business if you are interested in it. They do provide business for US and Canada, do not miss out! We’ll obviously keep you updated on locate more info ios 8

Dinner tonight

Monday, October 29th, 2007

We went to this Indian restaurant, Khyber pass, the food was very good, I have the soup with the meat, my husband always goes for the Lamb verdoloo, the kids had rice and mango Lasi. There are no other people eating in the restaurant as it is Sunday night, there are some people ordered to go. We like the environment too, there is a big TV too. Students also don’t know where to search for the material to write an entrance essay and while writing an entrance essay themselves, they make blunders in grammar or sometime put irrelevant data that leads to poor grades

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

We have a HP printer at home, sometimes it is so hard to find the right brand and size of the cartridge, then we started to use , which has over 10,000 products, plus it is easy to use and if you order $100 or more, they will not charge you any shipping cost, I think that is a great deal! Well, think about how valuable space is on your ipod

Movie review, The piano

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

This is an old movie, but I just got to watch it tonight after my husband”s recommendation. It is a great story, Aida likes to play her piano so much, that is like her life, but she also has feelings, when she noticed that she is in love, she chosen the guy. I have not seen anyone so persistent. But only in this way, she got what she wanted and still is happy. spy apps for android free from

Mortgage Brokers Overview

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

It is time again to refinance, people are talking about the rate might go lower again before the holiday season, this is really good news to us since we have just got a new place. To find a best is a key now, I always try to get rate from two to three places and then compare all the discount point, fees etc. At any point during the process, you can opt for a quick preview too


Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Five years have passed since I set up home in Shanghai, the major city of China. Now that the summer came to an end with its boiling heat, life becomes very nice under the high and cloudless sky.
With a friend of mine, I was sitting in one park of the city; in front of me is a teacup. It was time of the blooming of one special Chinese flower, the breeze bring us frequently its heady perfume. All around, the visitors are chatting or playing cards and mahjong, a perfect peace ambiance. I can’t say what will be the situation if there is no longer the regular change of four seasons with the rise of temperature on the planet.
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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

I heard that the criminal rate in Los Angeles is very high, we drove through the east Los Angeles once and noted that there are people wondering on the street and they really do not want us to look at them. Also, since there are lots of movie stars live there, they really need good Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys | California Felony Misdemeanor DUI Lawyers to help them out after those nice parties!

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Morgage rate going down again?

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

I just heard from our lender that we could get a rate of 5.625%, this is a big change from our 6.25% rate in the summer, I am so happy about it! That means we have some free diaper money for each month, so just want to mention it here so that if any or you want to refinance, now is a great time, plus I think to do the arm is not a good choice, we should still stick with the fixed rate. So I want a solution to disable page indexing

Sales Training Promotion

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Since I have passes my salespeople’s exam today, I am thinking it will be good for me to take some sales training courses. I did sell cosmetics for over a year, so I know some techniques about selling, but not really been trained professionally. was set-up as a plumbing training company around 3 years ago. They do provide sales training all over the UK, it will be nice just to visit London to take a crash course for one week, and then I can concentrate on the course during the week and then go to visit the city during the weekend! will be fun!

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Lust Caution

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

We went to see Lust Caution this afternoon, this is a new Chinese movie, talking about in the 1940s’, some colleague students want to kill a bad Chinese who was helping the Japanese. It is really touchy and sad, maybe I should not say much here as you may want to see this movie yourself! Once that time is up, i’ll likely end up right back at spotify where I started

LED Christmas lights save energy

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

My in-laws have a big house, each year they are into getting the Christmas lights decoration, they would put around their house, it is very beautiful to see it from outside. That is one thing that I would like to drive around in the neighborhood around that time of the year, to see so many different Christmas lights and decorations. People can be very creative about it, some of them put a whole theme of the Jesus was born in their front yard with the deer around them. But one thing I heard my father in law complain is that the electronic bill is very high with all these lights, so he would like to find some lights that would save some electricity.
While the app aims to make things simple, which is a plus for those who wish to use it over a service such as word, with its steep learning curve, it may be a bit too simplistic

I passed my salespeople exam today!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

am very excited to announce that I could become a person to sell and buy real estate now! I just passed my state exam this morning. This totally took me two weeks from taking the prelicense class to passed both exams. I am very proud of myself. But I know that the difficult part is waiting for me now, means that I need to start working now Universidad how to write a scholarly book review de quintana roo united international university emporia state university the university of sheffield -

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

hen you are thinking to get , do not go to big banks as they tend to be very expensive, usually use LIBOR plus 1%, I think that is quite big. But is you do check on line, there are lots of different options, which do not charge very high interest rate since they are on line banks so they do not need to open offices, therefore, they have saved lots of management fees. The application process is simple and loans are typically funded quickly. Campus red hook, united states backnext the numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by qs intelligence unit

Becareful of the thiefs in Macy’s

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

I pass my exam last Friday and thought that I want to pamper myself, so I went to Macy’s, try to get a pair of new shoes. I was waiting for the attendant to help me, since there are lots of people shopping; he was quite busy and told me to go to get some stockings at the counter myself. It was just 10 feet away. I put my bag with school books in it on the bench (luckily I was carrying my purse, as I thought that if there is something going to happen, I am not going to lose a lot, just very fast in my mind) 10 seconds later, I could not see my bag there anymore, I was so frustrated and angry. But luckily I found the bag in the women’s bathroom, I lost my calculator, umbrella and some pens, but my books and my certificate are still in the bag. Anyway, just want to remind you that are careful when you are shopping! Vu, resume as anyone who has hunted for a job before will know, applying for a job can gps cell phone tracker in be a long and frustrating process

Bates and Rocky Boots

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Yesterday I went to Macy’s to study, sounds weird, but I really did study very well on the 7th floor, but while I was taking the escalator up, I noticed that there are lots of boots on sale now, yes again, the winter is coming, although this year the weather has been very well for a long time. My aunt has got a new pair of for my older daughter that she likes a lot, it is in dark red color, she looks very good in them. I am thinking to get a pair of the with high heels in either dark brown or black, but I am not sure I could walk in the snow, so maybe just get one with medium heels.

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Pasta restaurant in Lincoln park

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

We like this pasta restaurant in Lincoln park, it is very small and cozy, but their pasta is very authentic and delicious. We went with a couple with a one and half year old daughter, after we sit down, their daughter started to cry a lot, so they end up has to leave the restaurant. Our kids are doing OK, our little one likes to eat so for her if there is food, she is happy. Since they only have one regular table, we have to sit in this high table, but we have enjoyed the food as always! So, commerce should be pursued by only those students who have good financial aptitude as well have keen interest in it