December 2007

Recently I have rediscovered by passion for Mahjong and I have been playing it a lot on Big Fish Games. Mahjong is a traditio

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nal Chinese game that is played with pieces like dominos but has features of rummy and euchre as well.

The site Big Fish Games as many variations of Mahjong including Mahjong Holidays 2006, Mah Jong Quest II, Venice Mystery, Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas, Mahjangg Investigation – Under Suspicion, Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2, and Cafe Mahjongg among many more including World Jongg. In total there are 33 variations of MahJong on Big Fish Games. The site also includes information on How To Play Mahjong and the types of melds: Pong, Kong, Chow, and Eye.

Go here to join me and get started playing Mahjongg online –
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We were visiting relatives over the holidays and our youngest daughter is turning 1 on January 4th so we wanted to throw a party for her.

Unfortunately the date we picked between Christmas and the new year also happened to be my birthday. So we ended up celebrating my birthday as much as hers. I really wanted it to be just our daughter’s party but I guess it was inevitable someone would buy a cake for me since it happened to be the actual date of my birthday.

I’m sure it’s the first time we ever celebrated my birthday with Curious George and Elmo decorations, Dora the Explorer cups and plates, and pink and purple balloons!

By the way, our older daughter is turning three in March so got her a cake and celebrated her birthday as well. In fact we sang Happy Birthday four times because my brother in law’s birthday was less than two weeks ago. I guess that’s what happens when family’s only get together a few times per year.sildalis does it work

Recently I started to notice a trend, although I do not go to many weddings each year, it seems like many of them are now using LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs. I talked with a wedding planner friend and she explained the many benefits of using using LED rope and string lighting for decorations as wedding lights.

LED lights can be a variety of different colors and shapes and they are durable so they don’t break very easily or fail during the wedding.

For the environmentally conscious they are much more energy efficient than standard incandescent lights (80%). The LED light are also much less of a drag to install and work with. You can actually get 125 strings lit off just one outlet. The best lights are rated to last for 100,000 hours or more so they can be used over and over again at all of your weddings.

It makes it easy to be a wedding planner or facility manager these days as the lights save lots of work, electricity, and they last longer – all of which make a difference to the bottom line.sildalis australia

Our family visited Mexico and took a real vacation for the first time ever last week. We booked an all-inclusive resort which was only about the price of any downtown hotel in the states but included lots of entertainment, all the food and drin

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ks you could want, and several pools, an oceanside jacuzzi, large inflatable to play on out in the ocean, etc. etc.

They also had free ocean activities like snorkeling, Hobie craft rides, kayaking, and windsurfing (assuming you know how to do it). There are also five restaurants some of which are more formal and some are very informal for the kids. We made the mistake of taking all the kids to a more formal restaurant one night and although the staff was very nice I am sure we annoyed some people around us.

I took our older daughter (3) later one night to one of the more formal restaurants and she was a perfect dinner companion actually, it was just when we had all the kids together (1 & 2 years old) that it was very difficult. Anyway, since we enjoyed it so much we’d like to go back again in March!sildalis wikipedia

We have a company makes kids’ clothes in the bay area. A lot of this kind of companies have moved to overseas, but we are still surviving and actually we are make decent money. One thing is that we are using a Buy cialis online canadallment

cialis without”>los angeles fulfillment to help us to finish the packaging and performing shipping for us. So it’s kind of we use them to outsource part of our business, for all the orders we received we just send to them and they will pack and ship within 2-3 business days. I have been to the warehouse a couple of times and am very impressed with the work they are doing. The warehouse is very neat and clean, plus they have all the products in the computer system that you could find it within one search. The warehouse is huge, but it is also very organized by vendor name, they do have good knowledge people to work for them too with the best tools and warehouse machines. Every night the data between the warehouse will be updated in our computer system, so that we could have update information of how to order material and what are the hot sale items, etc.

AMS Fulfillment is the only warehousing and fulfillment services company that offers OnGuard Inventory Protection™, a safeguard for total inventory management and product fulfillment precision. Can you imagine your customer get the damaged products or even worse get the products that the shelf life is expired without knowing it? Then you will be responsible for law suit and this will damage your company’s image. So it is very important to use a good fulfillment company, then at least half of your problems are solved. It is not easy to find someone that you can trust, but I can guarantee you that you can trust AMS, they will never let you down.

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