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My New AOL Journal

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

I have started a new Journal at AOL. It seems like every big player in the Internet has a blogging platform to use people’s writing to make money. It did not look like AOL Journal is very sophisticated like Google’s Blogger/Blogspot but maybe it has momre under the hood than I see at first glance. Anyway, the address of the new Journal is

I am hoping that doing this post will help to get the AOL Journal indexed and visible to search engines. How’s that for honesty?
Today I am going to think about what to write more on AOL Journal.
Everyone here loves games, and the first line of defense against mediocrity has always been our own internal review process

Wholesale Lists to Reach Your Favorite Market

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

We are beginning a new year now, I would like to send out some postcards to market myself as a real estate agent in the neighborhood, however, who to mail the list to is a question. We come across the umer_databases.php”>consumer mailing lists provided by, which only provides the finest consumer mailing lists and residential mailing lists. All of their lists are available on manuscript, mailing labels, magnetic tape, diskette, CD-Rom, 3×5 cards, or can be emailed directly to my computer. Also they will format the file to fit our specifications. This will save lots of time to get the names, addresses on the envelop. Also they are linked to the post office site so you could pick your own stamps on the site too, they you could print everything your need from the site. We are thinking to get a magnet calendar with my picture and my info on it to mail, as in that case people would keep it on their fridge and then they would be able to see my name all the time, I got this idea from my father in law. He mush have gone to an open house, then he has received the little calendar in the mail. My boss would be interested in this site too as each year he tends to send two mailings out in the neighborhood to promote our company, Help U Sell. He has been using the traditional way, which is way too much work, plus his mailing list is not accurate then he tends to get lots of returned mail. This spring I will recommend this site to him and I am sure that he would find it very helpful. The price is reasonable too. You could get a free quote by either e mail them at…or call them at: (866) 954-LIST (5478) between 8am-5pm PACIFIC TIME, their agent always returns phone calls within the next 24 hours. Then we express $x 1, x 2 $ through $x admission essay writing services 3 $

Change a new nanny

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Our current nanny, Ms Zhu was the nanny for our older daughter, and she came back to us last November to help taking care of Lydia, our younger daughter. However, she does not like Lydia as much as Elizabeth, She is working very hard to clean our house and cooking, but I do not see that she is passionate with Lydia, so Lydia could not see me in the house, otherwise, she wanted me to play with her or pick her up. I like Ms Zhu, she might want to go back to the family that I have introduced to her while I was in China on my vacation at the end of January, so I am looking forward to get someone new, hope everything will be good! This course is intended for those with an interest in digital marketing, and does not require any previous experience of the subject