Not everyone moves as much as we do (every 1-2 years it seems like) but when we do move we are often very disorganized and it seems like we are moving neophytes yet again! One of these days we should spend a full one or two months sorting through

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our stuff whether or not we are engaged in a move and toss or sell anything of value to reduce our storage needs and have more room for new stuff!

So anyway, here’s my packing and moving advice. 1.) Related to the observation above – start packing as soon as possble. It will make settling into the new place much more organized and you’ll hit the ground running in terms of staying organized at your new home rather than being burdened by past disorganization. 2.) Get a variety of box sizes, however a good set of medium size moving boxes (preferably sturdy and new or little used with handles on the sides) are your base. You can order moving boxes online. Rummaging through the grocery store or elsewhere of moving boxes can be OK, however those boxes are not so great for moving a household.

3.) Be sure to have plenty of durable moving tape and other moving supplies on hand. Having to hold up production for even 20 minutes to run to the convenience store for another roll of $3 tape is a huge waste of time.

Most of all, have fun with your move! Savor your moments sorting through stuff you haven’t seen since the last time you moved and your last moments with once treasured possessions your spouse insists get tossed out.