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He wound down his practice and set out on the lecture circuit

Monday, August 30th, 2010

He wound down his practice and set out on the lecture circuit, charging $15,000 a talk. He collaborated on Christian song sheets and, in 1987, published The Different Drum, which pointed out where communities were going wrong.Latterly he suffered from impotence and Parkinson’s Disease and devoted himself to Christian songwriting, at which he was not very good.He married Lily Ho in 1959; they had three children, two of whom would not talk to their father. She left him in 2003.

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pandora essence Two years later he came out of the closet in public, admitted to having had “homosexual experiences”, and then went back in. References to the exploits hung over his failed attempt to take the Tory party leadership after the 2001 general election. Later, in 2005, tabloid revelations about an extra marital affair emerged when a former mistress’s partner committed suicide.. pandora essence

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