The Farmer’s market at the Lake Street Plaza of the Prudential Building is now open on Tuesdays all summer and much of the fall. It just opened today, June 6th and it will run through Oct. 24th. The hours are 7 am to 3 pm.

We went there and picked up some strawberry jam, habanero cheese, some peas and lettuce, pecans, and a couple other things, my wife and I came home with a pretty full stroller. There are also lots of plants, herbs, bakery goods, honey, and more.

The location is roughly the NEC of Lake Street and Beaubien — or just outside Giordano’s might be a better landmark.

Later in the summer for just seven weeks, Lakeshore East is scheduled to have it’s own weekly Farmer’s market on Sundays — 220 N. Park Dr. Sundays, July 16-Aug. 27.

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