What is "The New Eastside web site"?

That is a good question as you might count four or five of them.

What most people would probably be referring to is Richard Ward”s web site at . The site advocates for neighborhood concerns such the the pedway and contains a lot of information including historical notes about the area. Richard became president of the New Eastside Association of Residents (N.E.A.R.) last year. also hosts a Community Notice e-mail list.

The first or original New Eastside web site is at and was developed by real estate brokers Walter and Shelley Stunard. While having a real estate focus, the site also has a listing of Community Festivals and Neighboorhood Organizations and resources.

Then of course there is this site “NewDashEastsideDotCom”, let that roll off your tongue. I (Eric Frost) started to develop this site last year when we moved into the neighborhood. I have been working on web site publishing for about seven years and thought it would be interesting to start a local news site. Although unsuccessful thus far at making any revenue to speak of, I am philosophically for-profit and if you run a business in the area and would like to advertise to promote your business please contact me :-) . View our first flyer “”.

There is also although the site does not appear to have been updated since 2003. The site was developed by the New East Side Association (not to be confused with N.E.A.R.), an organization comprised of the office buildings and businesses (see ) from over on the west half of the New Eastside.

Finally this web site has a list of buildings with information and has links to other web sites.

Let me know if I have missed any.

Next week maybe we will tackle whether the neighborhood”s proper name is “New Eastside” or “New East Side”. :-)

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